Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Its about 5:30 A.M. I've been woking since a little after 4 this morning (talk about work load!) I have so much work to do I decided to.... you guessed it; Stop working for a while and post to my blog(does that sound logical?) Anyway, i'll make this quick as i'm in the middle of editing a wedding.

I just came across some images from a Jamaica Tourist Board reception I covered earlier this year at Mr. Gordon Tewani's residence ( he owns Tropical Jewellers and a host of other stuff including some prime real estate. Follow the link to read his fascinating story.) Also present was Aubyn Hill ( at NCB he was reportedly earning over one million US$ per year. I hear he tends to get straight to the point no beating around the bush. I like that. Many people become hypocrites because they are afraid that giving an honest opinion will cause offense.) I've included Photos of both of them along with a shot of Mr. Tewani's daughter (just couldn't resist) and his pool area. (I'm reliably informed it is lit like this year round. In December it is even more spectacular.)

Have you read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad? I'm just getting around to reading it. Great so far. two differing points of view: Poor Dad-Money is the root of all evil. Rich Dad-The lack of money is the root of all evil. You decide. I will keep you posted as I read on.

I must get back to work fully now, i've been rolling across the room back and forth between the duplication station and this computer as i'm also completing a dvd duplication job. Thanks for reading.