Monday, March 30, 2009

Wedding in Jamaica-Rose Hall Resort-Montego Bay

Selena & Daniel had a romantic wedding at the georgeous Rose Hall Resort & Spa in Montego Bay Jamaica. Selena was really fun to work with and Daniel was laid back and cool.

Their wedding planner Charline was amazing. She organized everything and somehow managed to teleport herself between the three different locations on the property that were used for the different aspects of the wedding. (Did I mention that she has a great sense of humour? She has.)

The property is outstandingly beautiful, the staff efficient & friendly and the food...(shhh! the food was out of this world. My wife & I had a table to ourselves with all the Cranberry Juice we could drink)

We drove our faithful backup van as our main van is in the shop and in honour I've included it in one of the photos(I'm loyal that way).

Now if I can only find another client getting married there so I can go back...hmmm....

Friday, March 27, 2009

Stephanie Masters sports day

Stephanie had her first sports day today. She turned 3 years old yesterday and she won her event in grand style. In a brief thank you speech she thanked her school for giving her the opportunity to excell, her mom for the practice races at home and Jonathan for racing with her as part of her training...(just kidding, she's barely three.)

Although being the smallest of the bunch, and lacking the asistance of an aerodynamic hairstyle, Stephanie was waaay out front from the start of the race, reminiscent of Usain Bolt's thrashing of his opponents. Unlike Bolt however she did not ease up at the finish, but rather pressed home her advantage widening the huge gap separating her from her rivals.

On hand to witness the spectacle were her Mom, Dad, Grandma, and scores of other well-wishers.

Wedding in Montego Bay Jamaica

The whole family was in Montego Bay last week for the wedding of Cory & Shernett. For the first time I can remember, both sets of parents were late and kept the bride and groom waiting. (I recall one where the bride's father went drinking with the boys the night before and was still drunk the morning of the wedding. We were all kept waiting as they gave him multiple cups of black coffee so he could walk the bride down the aisle, but that's another story)

It was a great wedding with plenty guests, good food and oh the table the food was on caught fire! For real.(Anyway that's another story)

I've added some shots of the family and the couple. (By the way, only two of the children and one of the wives pictured above are mine)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Masters Weddings at Pegasus Show 09

Last week-end was the Pegasus Bridal Show;Jamaica's largest annual show for purveyors of wedding related products & services. Its always a fun-filled event for me as I enjoy meeting with both prospective brides and my colleagues. Its a pleasure to note the shock expressed at our rates by visitors to our booth and the change in expression as they come to understand the benefits and superiority of our services. I had two satisfied brides and one satisfied mother-of-the-bride providing impromptu testimonials regarding our service and the quality of our work.

I didn't shoot a lot of images but i'm uploading a few from the show.
Ps. (Both the gentleman and the young lady shown are as yet unmarried and can be found wandering around at the Pegasus:)
Ps to the PS. The young lady is really nice, a bit tall, but nice otherwise. The guy... well the picture speaks for itself...

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Simone & Stanley

There was no hint of rain, but a rainbow formed overhead while we were shooting after the ceremony. Talk about a sign! A very relaxed bride, with a really super Mom and a cool groom. Welcome to Jamrock Stanley! A star studded lineup of guests attended and the wedding got mention with photos on the social page of one of our top Newspapers. We wish you all the best guys. It was a great wedding.

Tameka & Chris

What can I say about the wedding of Tameka & Mr. Personality(A.K.A. Chris)? One thing I can say is that Tameka will be constantly entertained. Chris was Just estatic about getting married and enjoyed his wedding day. The Garden of Eden shot was my favourite. Something about the bush I guess.