Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sometimes you get an e-mail that makes you smile. A bride to be who subsequently booked with us sent this e-mail which chronicles her visit to a bridal show earlier this year in which I participated. It is e-mails like this which motivates us to do do our best for every client:

"Hi Gary,

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and I visited the room. Looking high, looking low, looking for 'the one'.

My prayer preceding that day, "Lord, let me know when I've found the one you'd have me be with. Confirm it in my spirit and let there be absolutely no doubt in my mind." I continued my search around the room and saw several bidding me to come... I couldn't help but go in to take a look for I was, after all, on a mission. I saw the effort... or was it a lack thereof?... I thought to myself, even I could do a better job than that... is that all they have to offer? They are all competing, hoping I will choose them, but how can you effectively compete and offer with flaws? Not one, not two... the search continued, it wasn't any of them, no not one.

Then the last invitee I entertained, woo, how lovely, how significantly a cut above the rest... A 5X7 album with perfect pictures and to top it all off, the best formatted DVD I've ever seen!! Not to mention Kelly's Love Story! I said, "Hallelujah! I have found the one!" I'm a 'photo te-te' (nicknamed a paparazzi) so only the best is good enough.
It was the Beautiful Brides & Mr. Tux's wedding show @ the Hilton in Feb 2008. I wasn't even engaged, I was there as a Chief Bride's Maid assisting the Bride but I have been planning my wedding from high school days, adjusting the list & events as time passed and I was not satisfied with the services I had seen over the years hence my search for 'the one'. In due time I knew God would provide the man and the date and so He did. Whohooo!!

Therefore, you are cordially invited to provide video & photography services for me (Name removed) and my fiancé at our wedding ceremony and reception on (Date removed) 2008, at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Kingston . Ceremony begins @ -. & Reception/Party @ -
Kindly review my invite & RSVP asap . Thanks mucho!"