Friday, April 18, 2008

I've run out of excuses for not blogging for such a long time so i'll just get to it. I'm uploading some pics from Kadria & Brian's wedding. Fun is their middle name. She is a medical doctor and he...well apart from the fact that he drives a very fast car(Mitsubishi Evolution 8 I think) I am unsure what he does for work... oh yes I remember now, he works for a government agency(obviously one that pays very well). As the images show we had a blast with their portrait session.

I'll upload my new video demo real soon. Video should finally be coming to my website soon. My developer says he should be finished sometime next week.

My roofing project is finished.(did I say this before?) I have a brand new roof that hasn't leaked(hurricane season will give it a real test), I thank God and my clients for their help.

My son Jonathan has a new cat whom he named "Mystery". He has an explanation for the name but I don't recall it now. If we could just get Stephanie to stop picking the cat up by his neck all would be happy.