Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hurricane Sandy-From Havendale in Kingston Jamaica

12:38PM in the afternoon. Seems the storm has reached us. Electricity is flashing on and off. Breeze has picked up. Rain is still light though.

And now we wait...

Just when we thought we had escaped the hurricane season unscathed, along comes Sandy. Now we wait. I'm actually feverishly editing video as I expect electricity to go as soon as the storm makes landfall, which is expected sometime this afternoon. all is quiet now with just some light rain. I hope all my brides and their families are safe and dry. Of course i had been booked for an all day shoot today, which was cancelled. shoots for Friday, Saturday and Sunday have also been cancelled. C'est La Vie!

Until later, stay safe. Remember to browse our new corporate website

Monday, October 08, 2012

Greetings All!
Trying to clear the majority of my work between today and tomorrow. Both Dad and Mom are scheduled for surgery later this week. Really great parents, I am eternally grateful for all they have taught and done for me. Hope I can be even half as good for my kids as my Dad was for me. Hope all goes well. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Fantastic Friday

I finished working at about 2:30 this morning, slept and was up at about 6:30 to carry kids to school. Met very little traffic on the road. At the gym someone was on my favourite treadmill but got off within two minutes of my arrival. Got back into office to find that I had more money in the bank than I thought(still could do with more). A shoot I was hesitant about doing was rescheduled by the client due to unfavourable weather, and I found some money I had put down and forgotten about. I then remembered that a client had called about 2 days ago to tell me a cheque was ready for collection. Can this please continue...

Just checking in

Greetings all!
Do not ship your equipment into Jamaica if you can avoid doing so. Both customs and the shipping company will take an unnecessary and large bite out of your wallet. After shipping in a camera recently, I decided to buy a ticket and fly to the USA myself to buy and import another one and found that the plane fare was cheaper than the shipping company! Not to mention the customs duty! Personally I feel the duty structure is crooked at best. How can you charge me GCT, (at a rate of 21%, I didn't even know they had a 21%GCT rate) on an item I bought in another country, where I already paid their 7% sales tax and THEN calculate customs duty on the inflated price? Dishonest is the only word I can apply to that.

Constructing a new corporate website to be launched next week: My clients keep telling me I need to increase my web presence, so I'm trying to carve out some time for this. I'm back at the gym, after a one year break(wow, time flies). Started this week.

Not sure if I mentioned it, but both Jonathan and Stephanie were top boy and top girl in their respective classes last year. We now have a trophy case for all their academic awards and medals. They are fantastic children.(if I may say so myself) I think any parent would be happy to have children like Jonathan and Stephanie. I love them dearly.

The office remake is coming along slowly but surely, got a new credenza, upgraded cameras and updated my version of Quickbooks. Keeping my desk tidy is still a challenge, but its looking much better these days.

I'll post some shots from recent weddings soon.
All the best.