Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jamaica wedding video demo

Click below to view my video demo. Now I know how to do it I will try to upload previews of current weddings from time to time.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Greetings! We've had so many interesting weddings recently and met so many interesting people. I covered a wedding last month where the minister who was giving the couple councelling claimed he was in love with the bride and wanted her to call off the wedding! I am not kidding. This was a first for me. (names will not be posted to proptect both the innocent & the guilty:).

Anyone thinking about getting married at Jamaica Grande Hotel in Ocho Rios I can recommend it as a great location with an excellent wedding team. We covered Lorraine & Damion's wedding there about two weeks ago and I worked along with Brian Nejedly a really cool photographer from Ocho Rios. We had a great time.

I am not really in touch with the who's who in Jamaica right now so often my indicator of how important my clients are comes at the ceremony when I see how many photographers from the press are present. This is what happened with Rachel & Greg's wedding(I'll try for the first time to upload a video clip) This wedding is beyond explaining. Awesome does not even begin to describe the job done by Maureen Capleton of MC Decor (MC Decor - Maureen Capleton Tel:876-926-0129). Mr. Binns, the master of ceremonies was the ultimate upscale MC, tasteful, witty and really a pleasure to listen to. (This has all come back to me as I edited the wedding video this week). The guest list of about 400 included political heavyweights, leaders of commerce, top entertainers and a generous portion from the upper echelons of society.

Last week we covered a wedding with a chineese theme for a bride and groom Annis & Dayne ne, who were not even remotely chinese! It was beautiful though, with decor by Allison Watson. This is one those couples I really enjoyed working with. They are both really easy-going cool individuals that i wish all the best & every success in life & marriage. The Gold room at the Mona Visitor's Lodge was beautifully decorated for the event. The bride's maids were something else... I'll leave it at that! (and post a pic)

I type very slowly. It's now 7:14AM and I started at 6:30. It feels like i've been at this forever.

I'll get to Theresa's wedding next time. Just to say it was a fabulous affair with the reception at the Golf View Hotel in Mandeville.
Click the play button below to view a clip from Rachel & Greg's wedding.