Friday, February 20, 2009

Donnie Cox-The passing of an Icon

Donnie Cox passed away this week. He was an Icon on the Jamaican photography scene, the epitome of what a truly professional photographer should be. He was a gentleman. If only more of my peers would emulate men of his calibre, but alas being gentlemanly and chivalrous seem to be considered outdated, yes, so passe. I heard a joke at a wedding that if you see a young man opening the car door for a young lady it means either the car is new or the lady is new. (I know we now have central locking and all, but I still surprise my wife every now and then by opening her door.) Sorry, I digress.

I do love the gentlemanly thing. No apologies. I love wearing my suit to cover weddings, I love holding the door open so others can go through. I believe in doing random acts of kindness. Being kind to someone you don't know, expecting nothing in return. Being kind for no apparent reason with no ulterior motive. I think its a great way to live. Donnie Cox was like that. As newcomer to the business I could ask him anything about the business of photography. He was a giving person as I think we all should be.

The shots are from the wedding of his lovely daughter Kelli, which I was honoured to cover.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brides on brides

Greetings all! Due to work pressure and my house project, I've been a little tardy in blogging but I've been meaning to address something for some time now.

I wish to advise that all the photographs on my website are of actual weddings and were shot by either my wife or myself. No models were used, all the brides are real brides on their wedding day. I'm constantly surprised to find that people think the brides are just models posing for the camera. Yes they are beautiful people, but it is all real. Real couples, real weddings, real action and I really enjoyed working with each and every one of them. I will post some more pics soon.