Friday, May 01, 2009

Sheri-Ann & Allan-Ritz Carlton Jamaica

It was perfect, just perfect. The gentle breeze, the ocean waves, the strings of the violin, the notes of the saxophone, the couple. Everything was perfect. Karen & Marsha of the Ritz Carlton were attentive to every need of the bride & groom and were fun to work with.

I liked Sheri-Ann & Allan from the very first time we met. They are just so cool & easy-going its unbelievable. (They also have a HGTV type house with a killer view and I'm an HGTV addict) The food at the Ritz was awesome and the cheesecake was almost decadent in its lovliness.(can I say that about food?) Anyway, it was a great wedding of a great couple who we wish all the best.

PS. On a sad note, Sheri-Ann's Dad passed away since the wedding. Our sincere condolences go out to the Sheri-Ann, Allan and the family.