Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We Survived Hurricane Dean!

We survived Dean! Some zinc lifted from my roof & we had some water coming in but my family & I are all ok. None of the equipment got wet and electricity was restored tonight. Tomorrow i'll start putting the office back together and reconnecting all the equipment so work can resume by Thursday or Friday this week.
Thanks for all your prayers & good wishes. My inlaws were not as fortunate. I'll post some pics. (The first two are of my inlaw's house. The last one is my backyard into which my neighbour's trees fell.)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hurricane Dean is almost here. Just some rain & a little breeze where I am. See Pics. (Taken from my carport)

Waiting for Hurricane Dean

We're all waiting for the arrival of hurricane Dean. The shopping areas & business district are under cerfew(police Lockdown) untill after the huuricane has passed. If I have internet & electricity and internet I will post some pics.


Friday, August 03, 2007

All my weddings this summer were fabulous affairs. Of special note was the catering by Lorraine fong (catering_by_lorraine@yahoo.com) who seems to be at all the a-list weddings, decor by Ann-Marie Weise, one of Jamaica's most gifted decorators and planners, Maureen Capleton, another A-list wedding planner & decorator, and Marguerite Anderson of Petals & Promises fame ( wedding planning, tuxedo & gown rental, decoration etc. etc.)

We had way too many weddings this summer and plan to accept less weddings for the winter season & next summer. You know what they say about all work & no play! (no, actually it makes Jack a rich boy:) I have a great wife, two fabulous kids and a new house to enjoy. God has been really good to us as a family and we thank him for his blessings and all our clients for their support.