Saturday, April 30, 2011

William & Kate wedding coverage package-Jamaica

Personally I was awed at the coverage of the wedding ceremony of William and Kate. I could not find the video cameras, let alone the videographers! That was the ultimate in unobtrusive wedding coverage. In the church I could not find the photographer either! Fascinating! this is how wedding coverage should be.

In the real world however, budgetary constraints and wishes of the couple usually do not allow for this kind of coverage. We are however offering a package which makes an affordable approach to this kind of super-discrete coverage. Its our William & Kate special package.

This package offers discrete video coverage using at least 3 video cameras. A wireless microphone on the groom and formal attire on our team is already standard operating procedure for us. Two experienced, professional photographers also formally attired round out our coverage team. Images chosen by the couple will be presented in our High-End photo books, while the video will be presented on authored DVDs with motion menus and scene selection options(these are already standard on our DVDs).

Already our team receives numerous positive comments on our unobtrusive style of wedding coverage and our formal attire. For years we have been using minimal and cool lights at the ceremonies we cover. With this wedding coverage option we intend to raise the bar once again, providing unmatched wedding coverage for discerning couples. View our website and give us a call for a no obligation consultation.