Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What a fantastic life this is. With all the hateful, negative and bad-minded people out there (some of whom I deal with regularly) I give God thanks for my life, my absolutely fantastic wife, my two adorable children, my talent and the most fabulous wedding clients anyone could have. Really! I have no bad experiences, no difficult clients, no clients I hide from, none of that stuff. I really do love every aspect of my work and enjoy each day thoroughly. Anyway, enough about me.

I had two really great weddings recently Dr. Gail Webster and Dr.Wayne Henry wed amidst friends, dignitaries and family in a beautifully decorated UWI Chapel and an exquisitely decorated ballroom at the Hilton Hotel. (Photos attached) Decorations were done by the talented Dawn Leyow. Rochelle & Damion were wed in a simple but elegant ceremony in the newly built Hellshire Kingdom Hall with the reception at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.

I am currently streamlining my workflow to reduce the turnaround time while increasing the quality of output. Please feel free to let me know of any changes you would like to see on the website. Just today i visited the website of Andrew Clarke, a super talented wedding photographer I met in L.A. at a seminar. Check out his website for some really cool wedding photography; it takes a while to load but its worth the wait.

Monday, April 09, 2007

A.J. & Justin's Wedding Pt. Charlotte Florida

Florida was cold this past weekend. I wore gloves, a jacket and a woolen hat when out in the night on Saturday. A.J. & Justin's wedding on Saturday was a blast! they are a really cool couple who seem to get along with everybody. They joined the guests in dancing up a storm at the reception and the bride's mom cried (yes I saw) during the first dance. I'm posting some pics of the couple.

My friend Tim was in Jamaica shooting a destination wedding this weekend. Sorry I wasn't in Jamaica Tim. Anyway I'm sure you had a great time as always. See you soon.

I'm glad to be back with my family. I really missed them. I must be getting old, I was only away for three days. I flew Spirit airlines and the service was excellent both ways. I have always had good experiences with spirit, unlike Air Jamaica who cancelled my return flight from LA the last time. The Spirit planes were clean the service was friendly & the Orange Juice & Cranberry juice was good. Everywhere except WalMart was closed on Sunday. So much for my new siuts & sunglasses, but otherwise it was a great trip. Special thanks to Jim, Ruth, Alexis, Peter & Xavine for making the trip what it was.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bridal Show season

Bridal show season is about over for now with the Pegasus show this past weekend. It was a blast! My whole family came to help me pack up. (I'm posting pics of the kids at the show) My wife is just the best. I just want to thank all the prospective brides & grooms who visited my booth. I appreciate all the positive feedback and got some good laughs.

As the first wedding photographer to offer Coffee Table Books in Jamaica, guests would leave my booth & ask other photographers at the show about their Coffee Table Books. One by one those photographers came to my booth to ask me as they had no idea what a Coffee Table Book was!

I have been practising principles learned from the great Mike Colon involving customer service & branding and my customers really appreciate the difference between my company and the competition. Thanks Mike.

Someone left a beautiful comment on one of my posts that was most encouraging. Thanks a million. When you're on top you make an easy target, but thanks to God I keep dodging :)

I'm posting a photo of an ardent follower of my blog & websiteNorell-Lee & her Fiance Dwayne. Thanks for your interest and commendation.

I'll try to post some pics from my Florida wedding this weekend as soon as I get back.