Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tropical storm Nicole hits home

Some pics I shot earlier tonight when water from the road invaded my house. All these shots were taken standing on my lawn. The first two shots are of the road just outside my home, the last two shots are of my driveway. I fear the clean-up will take weeks. 8 inches of rain fell in 10 hours today. I think another 8 fell tonight alone! I think all the fish in my water feature have swam away as it was flooded out. I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

So after two trips to my Dealer in Florida my video editing machine seems to be back online. I say seems, as it seems to be acting up already and I re-installed it on ly Monday this week! We will see how that goes. I was charged U$500.00 for the dealer's tech department to spend 5 hours working on the machine only to have them say they cannot fix it, it needs to go to the manufacturer who charged another U$400.00. Anyway enough of that. My projects are backed up and I have some serious work to do.

By the way, I booked my hotel on and I will always. It was a one night stay in Florida as I was just dropping off or picking up my editor. This trip I got a nice room with a desk, executive chair, cable TV, King bed, breakfast and newspaper in the morning for U$41.00 plus tax, total U$45.00. They had a pool, excercise room and internet area with free use of the computers. Plus a free shuttle to and from the airport!

I could not believe how nice the place was when I got there as I had greatly lowered my expectations due to the price. It was also close to all the places I needed to visit.

I met a guy on the plane who said he had 11 children with 9 different mothers. My mouth fell on the floor! I ensured that he left with my card as he should be having weddings in the family at some point.

Its back to school time, Jonathan and Stephanie did well last term and are adjusting to their new teachers. I have added pics from their last prizegiving. Stephanie was Top Girl and Jonathan got a medal for academic excellence and five other awards.