Monday, December 08, 2008

Some side images from recent weddings. By the way, what do you have to be thankful for? Think about it... there is more... think harder, list them on paper and say thanks for each one everyday for a week. Remember, your attitude and not your aptitude determines your altitude. Whatever you do, treat it as if its the most important job in the world. I know mine is!
If you've lost your job recently consider working for yourself! Become a wedding photographer. Its great work with regular cake and good food at some of the best establishments. You get to dress up a lot and meet nice people and listen to great music and sometimes good jokes. and shhh! you actually get paid to do all this. Anyone wishing to get into wedding photography drop me a line, I will be happy to help. The young lady above was a guest at the wedding of Michelle & Errol last week. I blog about that wedding in my next post but she so wanted to see herself I just had to post her photo:) The vendor outside the Emancipation park(a favourite spot for newlyweds) was quite peeved about sharing a good vending tree with the sign. The person walking away is my lovely wife after she had purchased a bottle of water from the illegal vendor. Life goes on...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Gary Masters at Large

This weekend I was again reminded that I have the greatest job in the world. On Saturday I covered the wedding of Threesha & Howard, a splendid affair coordinated by Marguerite Anderson of Petals & Promises fame. Apart from the beautifully decorated chapel, the coordination between the violinist, the saxophone player and the pianist and the fact that the rain held up just in time, the bride was in her element. Threesha is 240 volts of pure electricity perfectly moderated by the totally unflappable Howard. Together they are a wonderful couple and we had a fabulous time working with them. I have never seen a bride dance that much at her wedding and the cake tasted fantastic. All the best for the future guys!

After about five hours of sleep I headed off to meet Sherri-Ann and Alan for a save-the-date seaside shoot. Another fantastic couple who will be getting married early next year. Trust me when I tell you I've never seen such a sparkle in a bride's eyes when she speaks about her wedding. Over a fabulous breakfast of Fish, bammy & festival after the shoot she told me all about it with Allan filling in essential details along the way. At the end of a great session I employed all my driving prowess trying unsuccessfully to keep up with Allan's V6 Honda Accord as he 'flew' back to kingston. I look forward to working with you both.

Again I give thanks for the life I have, I wake up each morning with a smile on my face attributable in no small part to the fact that I wake up beside my lovely wife who supports all that I do. Considering the tumultous times in which we live I feel specially blessed to have all I need and much of what I want. I'll try to add some more pics later.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sometimes you get an e-mail that makes you smile. A bride to be who subsequently booked with us sent this e-mail which chronicles her visit to a bridal show earlier this year in which I participated. It is e-mails like this which motivates us to do do our best for every client:

"Hi Gary,

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and I visited the room. Looking high, looking low, looking for 'the one'.

My prayer preceding that day, "Lord, let me know when I've found the one you'd have me be with. Confirm it in my spirit and let there be absolutely no doubt in my mind." I continued my search around the room and saw several bidding me to come... I couldn't help but go in to take a look for I was, after all, on a mission. I saw the effort... or was it a lack thereof?... I thought to myself, even I could do a better job than that... is that all they have to offer? They are all competing, hoping I will choose them, but how can you effectively compete and offer with flaws? Not one, not two... the search continued, it wasn't any of them, no not one.

Then the last invitee I entertained, woo, how lovely, how significantly a cut above the rest... A 5X7 album with perfect pictures and to top it all off, the best formatted DVD I've ever seen!! Not to mention Kelly's Love Story! I said, "Hallelujah! I have found the one!" I'm a 'photo te-te' (nicknamed a paparazzi) so only the best is good enough.
It was the Beautiful Brides & Mr. Tux's wedding show @ the Hilton in Feb 2008. I wasn't even engaged, I was there as a Chief Bride's Maid assisting the Bride but I have been planning my wedding from high school days, adjusting the list & events as time passed and I was not satisfied with the services I had seen over the years hence my search for 'the one'. In due time I knew God would provide the man and the date and so He did. Whohooo!!

Therefore, you are cordially invited to provide video & photography services for me (Name removed) and my fiancé at our wedding ceremony and reception on (Date removed) 2008, at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Kingston . Ceremony begins @ -. & Reception/Party @ -
Kindly review my invite & RSVP asap . Thanks mucho!"

Monday, September 29, 2008

Brides, choose wisely!

I'm a positive person and do not like making negative posts, and I try not to bad-mouth other professionals, but something happened at a wedding I covered on Saturday that made me feel compelled to warn brides about what I see as an unfortunate trend.

My Saurday wedding was at the picturesqe Tryall Club, possibly one of the most beautiful locations in the Caribbean. The couple will have not even one image in their album of them in those exquisite surroundings all because of their make-up artist. (For the record.....this stylist/make-up artist was NOT referred by Tryall) Recently I have done several weddings which have run seriously late due to the make-up artist and or hair stylist running late. I think it is apalling and selfish of these professionals. The make-up artist for another wedding I did was one and a half hours late and arrived with a big smile on her face! Amazing! The bride's Mom was seething with rage.

I know there are really professional make-up artists and hair stylists who are always on time, but I must list hair and make-up professionals as the number one cause for brides running late for their weddings. By the time the vows began on Saturday it was night. As it was an outdoor wedding the minister was happy to have some light from our video camera to read the vows and was in sore straits when we changed angles.

Brides, please be extra careful when selecting the professionals for your wedding. Get references. Ask, "were they on time?" in addition to whether or not they did a good job.

Understandably I feel that every bride deserves an album filled with beautiful images, It really hurts me when, due to no fault of her own, a bride is forced to settle for less than her rightful due. I'm posting a shot taken before the wedding on Saturday.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

first night wedding

Stacy & Orane's wedding on Jamaica's north coast last week was my first night wedding. They both flew into Jamaica from New York just ahead of the arrival of Tropical Storm Gustav. Due to the storm the wedding was changed from Saturday to Sunday, then the bride's maids were unable to get into Jamaica until Sunday evening and then it started raining during the outdoor ceremony! Wow! After all that tey will surely have a smooth marriage. All the best guys. I worked with super cool Brian Nejedly who did the photography while Zahra & I handled videography duties. We had a hair-raising drive to get to the wedding. I'll upload some pics shot along the way. (that's not my car in the shot BTW)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Awaiting Tropical Storm Gustav

More hype than rain and wind so far. We are all safe inside. Internet service comes and goes so I'm typing as fast as I can. My family and vehicles are all safely inside and windows boarded up. Trying to stay safe. I hear it will get worse tonight.

Friday, August 22, 2008

37.10 New WORLD RECORD-Jamaica

I feel so good its hard to do any work today! This whole week i've accomplished very little workwise, but that's the beauty about the fantastic life i'm privileged to live. I thank God every day. I can work when I feel like, weed and water my lawn when I feel like, play with my children when I feel like, take a nap when I feel like and watch the Olympics when I feel like it. How great is that? Congratulations to the Jamaican team.

A word about Usain Bolt and the unfavourable comments about his behavior: Just shut up, please. Sorry, that was four words. We are by nature a very expressive people and I think he is being rather restrained considering his history making achievements. Usain...YOU DA MAN, YOU DI BEST BY FAR.

Asafa's problem is all in his mind. His ability and talent are intact, but he has some sort of mental block that needs to be worked out. We still love him though. The girls... can we turn back time and make both them and the American team not drop the baton? What? You don't believe in time travel? I guess you also believe that earth is the only planet with intelligent life on it! You sound just like my wife. Where is your sense of adventure? Anyway its all good. I'm an artist and we cannot aford the luxury of being considered totally sane. That's just so passé:)

I'm actually trying to get some video editing done now so be good, be happy and give thanks for every day and the blessings you enjoy.

Monday, August 18, 2008

August 08-What a Month!

Greetings All! Our new website is up and running. Its been a couple of weeks of pure stress I assure you. After more than a week of trying to get it to work with the hosts of my previous website with them having me upgrade my service to a bigger server(and more money), someone finally said Oh! I know what the problem is. Our servers do not allow you to have audio or video on your website, its against our policy. Wow! that must be the best kept secret in the company because tech help surely do not know about that policy.

All that aside our site is live, please let us know what you think of it. It is a flash site and if you have an older computer without the latest flash player you will need to download it(for free-there's a link on the first page of the site) or you will not be able to view the site. Sorry. View Website here. Many thanks to Timco and the guys & girls from Blu.

At we've been busy. So Many weddings, so little time...Lesley & Martin, Shereen & Kevin, Patricia & Charles, & Althea & Maurice. Can you believe these were all this month, with more to come! This weekend gone I worked with a really great photographer Michael Chen. Real easy-going, really knew his stuff, does fantastic photography. Give his website a visit. He shoots with Nikon equipment but then nobody's perfect:) His assistant Cia (pronounced see-ya) was really special.

I've posted some pics from some of these weddings along with recent shots of Jonathan & Stephanie. Enjoy!

How could I forget... I picked both the Olympic 100 meters winner and the miss Jamaica world winner this weekend. I'm posting a shot I took of Brittany Lyons a couple of days before the contest finals. She is a real sweetie.

Monday, August 04, 2008

The secret of life

I've decided to share a bit of my philosophy with you today. It all comes down to a simple word "BELIEVE". This has worked so phenominally in my life that I want you to try it. The majority of people go through life without achieving their true potential because they fail to believe they can do it.

When I was robbed at gunpoint I complied fully with the robbers' demands and handed over my very expensive 600cc motorcycle. I was shot, at point blank range for my co-operation. I was told by a Urologist rated as #2 in the caribbean that due to the damage internally I would never be able to have children(at least not the old fashioned way). This happened in 2000. My son Jonathan is 5 years old and my daughter Stephanie is 2 years old. (and I got them the old fashioned way):)

While I was in hospital for one of my 4 surgical procedures (you have a lot of time for pondering & reflection when you're in hospital)I decided that I wanted to change my business model and shift to a more upscale clientele. Today this where I'm at. Despite having to close down my business for a couple of years while the doctors patched me up, my wife and I decided about two years ago to start looking for a house to buy even though we did not have enough money to afford the kind of house we wanted in the kind of area we were determined to live in. Last year it became a reality.

Set huge goals and believe, deep down that you can attain them. I believe the almighty wants us all to be happy and live meaningful lives. Health and wealth begin with a state of mind. You can have both if you believe and work in harmony with your belief. Give thanks for the blessings you now enjoy and expect more to come into your life. I do every day. I have the most fabulous clients any wedding professional could work with, I have an amazing wife who is a tower of strength and who encourages all my endeavors no matter how far-fetched they seem, I have two beautiful, well behaved and intellegent children and I have a job that's like a vacation every day. I've learned to focus on the positive aspects of my life and I find it just keeps getting better.

Smile every day. Do the happy dance. Be a magnet for good things by radiating good happy thoughts. Work on your relationship with the Almighty. Be a genuinely good person. Don't mess too much with your hair:)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gaylon & Carlton's

How could I not blog about Gaylon & Carlton's wedding! Gaylon lives in the USA and Carlton lives in Jamaica. We shot video & photos in restaurants, at the beach and at Devon House (a kind of park). I think this couple complement each other perfectly, she is always excited and full of life and energy and he is laid back and cool. Thanks for having us along guys, we had a blast!

My new workflow is allowing me more time to get in touch with my artistic side as can be seen from the wedding images posted. Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Natalie and Terrence Wed

Just a few images from Natalie & Terrence's wedding on July 5, 2008.

Gary Masters Reflections

Two nights ago I watched ths movie with Adam Sandler, I think it was called Click.(I know, its old and I'm late) Anyway, he had this remote which he used to fast forward through some stuff in his life and end eventually the remote took over. He achieved fame and status and money, but he missed most of his life, his kids growing up, hid dad dying, his wife left him, real sad. The movie had a great ending but it caused me to look at my life carefully.

I'm a driven and goal oriented person, and because I so totally love my work its nothing for me to work a twenty hour day(the energy drink Red Bull really works!). Of late I've been taking off some time in the afternoons to spend with my children, and i've now vowed to ensure that I spend even more. My new workflow allows me to be current with my work, keeping up with all the weddings and get some time off.

Since the begining of this year whenever I have weddings out-of-town I carry the baby sitter and we all check into a hotel near the wedding the day before the wedding so we stay together as a family almost every night.

Life is so fast paced now that families are falling apart from the speed and the multiple demands and stresses of life. Hug your kids more, hug your spouse more, take some time to slow down every once-in-a-while. I would rather be poor with a happy family and an excellent relationship with my kids than rotten rich with a broken family & children out of control.(of course ideally I would love to be rotten rich with a happy family:))

OK i've got to get back to work now...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Stephanie Masters first day at school

Monday this week was stephanie's first day at school, there was no crying as Stephanie said good-bye as soon as she exited the van. She went to her teacher with hardly a look in my direction. I had cleared my schedule for the morning, getting up early to get stuff done in the office as I envisioned spending much time trying to calm her down. No such thing!
Everybody loved her. She ate all her lunch and was playing quietly when I went for her. Sigh. No more baby girl.
Jonathan is all excited about going to collect his baby sister fron school.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More of Gary Masters Weddings

Ann-Marie Wyss is one of the top designers in the Caribbean when it comes to wedding decorations. I'm constantly amazed by her work. I'm including some shots of her work from a recent wedding. You can drop her a line at

The view at the top is from the Richmond Hill Hotel in Montego-Bay where Bridgette & Cavel were married. The view is awesome. Grace & Gale Elmore were the perfect hosts.

My baby girl starts summer school next week as a precursor to pre-school in September. I will take some photos soon for upload.

Jonathan got another trophy for Academic Excellence this year. We are quite proud of him. He is reading up a storm and taking good care of his cat Mystery.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What in the world has Gary Masters been up to?

Since I last posted, my assignments have been as varied as they have been interesting. I have done weddings in Montego-Bay & Mandeville, I did some work in some inner city communities for the Ministry of National Security( its really sad how some people are forced to live) and I went to the tip of Jamaica to get some shots of a lighthouse.(I will go into detail about this one at another time as this was a genuine adventure).

I'm posting some shots from two of the weddings a shot of the lighthouse and a shot of a public bath from the inner city(the side of Jamaica we don't often see).

I have so much more to tell you but i've gotta run, deadlines, editing etc. I will post again soon.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dolreen & Vaughn were wed in Ocho Rios Jamaica last week-end. The bride was remarkably cool considering that the make-up person was over an hour and a half late! That aside though, the ceremony & reception went well, the bride cried, her dad cried and the groom was just cool throughout. There were some killer toasts with no shortage of references to the current Cuban Lightbulb Scandal. The reception was held at the fabulous Jamaica Grande Hotel and there were a lot of guests(I didn't count but it was plenty plenty). All the best guys it was great working with you both.

This week-end my assignment included covering a peace & love concert near Montego-Bay. A young female fan of one of the performers in a single leap reached onstage and into his arms while he was singing! I will leave the details sketchy as the client was not amused! I will however upload a shot along with some from the wedding.