Monday, March 29, 2010

The simple life

For some reason I decided to cut my lawns instead of going into office this morning. After completing the necessary activities, like taking the kids to school and checking my e-mails(yes, I still do that the old-fashioned way, on my computer, as I do not have a blackberry or I-Phone) I donned my cap and headed out into the yard...

After completing my first lawn at about 9:15, I sat on my home-made bench which is anchored to my Mango tree, and in the shade of my Mango tree drank my first glass of ice cold water. I listened to the birds singing in the trees, enjoyed a cool breeze that passed through the Mango tree and smiled as I remembered all those people hard at work in their offices. This, is why I do what I do, I thought, and smiled some more.

I was jolted back to reality by the gargantuan sneeze of a pedestrian on the street nearby and as I headed inside for some more water I felt that at that moment, despite everything, my life was perfect...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

One of my brides has started a company to cater to brides. her website is She is really a fantastic person to deal with with an eye for detail and the unusual. I encourage anyone getting married to visit her website.

You can view some images from her wedding on the Knot here.