Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Anniversary Reflections

As I approach my 14th wedding anniversary I have been reflecting on the changes and experiences we have seen as a couple. We have had our ups and downs together but I feel that our view of marriage as a permanent bond has helped us work successfully through stressful situations.

As I consider the couples I have the privilege of working with, my best advice is this: forgive each other, try to make each other happy and realize that you are both different and will never be exactly alike. My wife still hopes that someday I will learn to cook more than eggs, rice and porridge. I still hope that someday she will learn to edit video as well as I can; until then, she cooks and I edit. Life is all about compromise.

I wish all my couples long and happy marriages, I thank my wife for loving and supporting me these fourteen years and I thank God for his blessings and the principles in the Bible by which I strive to live.