Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More of Gary Masters Weddings

Ann-Marie Wyss is one of the top designers in the Caribbean when it comes to wedding decorations. I'm constantly amazed by her work. I'm including some shots of her work from a recent wedding. You can drop her a line at

The view at the top is from the Richmond Hill Hotel in Montego-Bay where Bridgette & Cavel were married. The view is awesome. Grace & Gale Elmore were the perfect hosts.

My baby girl starts summer school next week as a precursor to pre-school in September. I will take some photos soon for upload.

Jonathan got another trophy for Academic Excellence this year. We are quite proud of him. He is reading up a storm and taking good care of his cat Mystery.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What in the world has Gary Masters been up to?

Since I last posted, my assignments have been as varied as they have been interesting. I have done weddings in Montego-Bay & Mandeville, I did some work in some inner city communities for the Ministry of National Security( its really sad how some people are forced to live) and I went to the tip of Jamaica to get some shots of a lighthouse.(I will go into detail about this one at another time as this was a genuine adventure).

I'm posting some shots from two of the weddings a shot of the lighthouse and a shot of a public bath from the inner city(the side of Jamaica we don't often see).

I have so much more to tell you but i've gotta run, deadlines, editing etc. I will post again soon.