Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jamaican Urban wedding shot-Gary Masters

I have been shooting weddings for a long time and one thing I've learned is to never say I've seen it all. From a lady standing up in church with objections to the couple getting married, to a drunk father of the bride, to a couple calling off their wedding on the day of the wedding, I have seen a lot of interesting and strange things. I got a request from the groom at my last wedding that I have never had in my over twenty years of shooting weddings; he wanted wedding shots in the middle of the busy Half Way Tree intersection, without diverting traffic! No problem, it wasn't easy, but we got it done.My wife kept a lookout for the police while I monitored the traffic.(I mixed black & white with colour for this shot) As usual, my wife and I enjoyed working with Mamaleta and O'neil and look forward to our next wedding.

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